At Christy Spearman Interior Design, we bring a fresh eye to every project no matter what the size or budget.  We are passionate about authentic design that blends imagination with practicality, and the end game is always to create something beautiful that meets your every expectation!  We love helping our clients make their home the perfect reflection of themselves and their family.

We are at our best when we truly get to know our clients.  Beautiful things happen when we can fully grasp a clear sense of client style and provide straightforward order to the design process.  We know what great work looks like and, what's more ... we know how to make it happen seamlessly. We can provide our clients with a clearly defined plan that allows them to make good design choices now and into the future.

With twenty-plus years of making homes and interiors, we are a good match for someone who is overwhelmed with all the choices that come with designing a home.  From color or space-planning consultations to full-service design, we can provide whatever level of support you desire. 

Let’s make a home together!